Zhaofeng Li

Student. Coder. Wikipedian.


I'm Zhaofeng Li, a Computer Science undergrad at UC Irvine. I love coding, gaming and being alone. Moderately experienced in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Dabbler of Python, C and Haskell. Also a volunteer editor on English Wikipedia.

You can find me on GitHub and freenode (nickname Zhaofeng_Li).



A tool for Wikipedia editors, reFill completes missing bibliographic metadata in bare URL references semi-automatically. Although optimized for Wikipedia, the tool can be adapted to any MediaWiki-powered wiki which uses <ref> tag citations.

2048 for Arduino

The popular tile-joining game now lives on your Arduino board! Roll your own handheld 2048 game with an Arduino board, a cheap PCD8544 screen and a few buttons. The entire program fits nicely in an ATmega8 chip, in case you want to make a custom board.

Don't worry about the battery dying out, it has even got a built-in battery meter!


CiteGen is a browser plugin that automatically generates citation code pointing to the current page, for use on Wikipedia articles. It saves editors' time by simplifying the process of creating a valid citation.


A proof-of-concept intelligent soil moisture monitoring solution, done in 48 hours at Citrus Hack 2016. Powered by Node.js and Meteor, the backend passively collects data from Particle-based sensors, records measurements in MongoDB, and provides a web-based UI for users to monitor all sensors in the grid centrally.


Battle-tested and recently made public, my dotfiles help you write comfortably in Vim, git faster in fish, and show off your inner geek with the sexy lambda prompt in ghci.

And yes, being simple and conservative, it's perfect to be used as a base of your very own dotfiles.